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Maturity Meter Testing Used to Save Time and Increase Safety

Premier Geotech and Testing was retained as the quality control testing agency for numerous state highways and parish road patching repair projects to perform concrete maturity testing. While this testing method is relatively new in the area, the methodology is not. The science of measuring the relationship between concrete temperature and strength gain has existed for some time and is now being used to expedite strength testing results so contractors can reopen lanes of traffic much more quickly than typical wait times for concrete cylinder breaks. This has the obvious benefit of saving time but also increases safety for the construction crew and motorists by reducing the amount of time lanes are closed and traffic is diverted. Testing includes placement of a thermocouple wire in the freshly mixed concrete as it is poured and connecting the wire to a data logger. From there measurements are made to determine when acceptable strength has been achieved and when the lane can be reopened.



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