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Construction Materials Testing


Premier provides highly-trained project managers and technical staff to provide specialized quality control/quality assurance testing and inspection services to ensure construction processes and materials meet or exceed project design specification and applicable building codes. The following are some of the testing and inspection services we provide:


Testing and Inspection


  • Earthwork construction observation and testing

  • Concrete Placement observation and testing

  • Infrastructure installation observation and code-compliance documentation

  • Masonry construction observation and testing

  • Asphalt paving observation and testing

  • Asphalt plant quality control testing

  • Non-destructive testing and inspection

  • Ready-mix concrete plant quality control testing

  • Concrete Maturity Testing


Construction Materials Laboratory Testing


  • Compressive Strength of Concrete Cylinders

  • Compressive Strength of Mortar Cubes

  • Compressive Strength of Grout Prisms

  • Flexural Strength of Concrete Beams

  • Moisture-Density Relationship of Soils (Standard and Modified)

  • Fine/Coarse Aggregate Sieve Analysis

  • Soil Classification

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