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Massive Chambering Yard Constructed to Increase Capacity at Port of Greater Baton Rouge

The Inland Rivers Marine Terminal (IRMT) is an 84-acre intermodal facility of the Port of Greater Baton Rouge situated on a barge canal adjacent to the Gulf Intracoastal Wateay where it intersects the Mississippi River. The IRMT serves as a multi-use facility with a dock for cargo transfer, a bagging, packaging facility, and 42,000 sq.ft. warehouse, rail spur with covered transfer facility, and a container marshalling yard. In 2020 the IRMT constructed a new chambering yard that connected with the Union Pacific Rail Road (UPRR) to increase capacity and efficiency in the shipment of cargo to and from the terminal.

Premier Geotech and Testing services included: Premier was tasked with providing a full-scale geotechnical investigation comprised of a field exploration using an ATV drilling rig to extract soil borings, laboratory testing to determine in-situ soil characteristics, and engineering analysis to review the laboratory results and provide soil capacities, constructability, and foundation recommendations for the future chambering yard. During construction, Premier returned to provide observation and quality assurance of significant mass grading, proof roll inspection, nuclear density testing, concrete placement monitoring, sampling, and testing, and associated laboratory testing.


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