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Getting in on the Ground Floor of a New Townhome Development in East Baton Rouge

Residential developments require a strong foundation, and Premier Geotech and Testing is here to ensure the property and construction materials meet all requirements to do just that. We were excited to provide our expertise on this new townhome development in East Baton Rouge Parish.

The property is being developed by Art Lancaster and is located north of George O'Neal Road, east of Jones Creek Road and west of O'Neal Lane. The property will include 31 standalone buildings, each with two town home units, for a total of 62 residential units. There will be 93,000 square feet of building space.

Premier Geotech and Testing's services included: Full-time resident inspection for infrastructure installation during multiple phases, observation and quality assurance of significant mass grading, proof roll inspection, nuclear density testing, utility installation monitoring and testing, concrete placement monitoring, sampling, and testing, and associated laboratory testing.


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