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Geotechnical Engineering and Testing for New Compressor Station and 36-inch Pipeline Loops

Project consisting of design and construction of a new Greenfield Midpoint Compressor Station 529 and associated pipelines to feed a new LNG facility in south Louisiana. The project scope of work included the installation of one new Solar Titan 130 / C75 centrifugal compressor packages, each ISO rated at 23,500 HP, along with all necessary piping, valves, and ancillary equipment for a complete, safe, and reliable compression system. In addition, construction of an 8.9 mile, 36-inch diameter pipeline loop and a 3.6 mile, 36-inch diameter pipeline loop. The compressor station and pipelines were situated in a marsh environment which presented extremely challenging site conditions to perform the soil borings.

Premier’s geotechnical exploration team drilled and sampled over 2,400 liner feet of soil borings using marshbuggy mounted drilling equipment and high land ATV drilling equipment. In addition, Premier’s team performed an extensive and rigorous laboratory testing program to aid Premier’s engineering team during design. Laboratory testing included corrosivity testing, triaxial strength tests and soil properties tests.

Premier’s team of professional engineers delivered a comprehensive Subsurface Exploration and Geotechnical Engineering Report discussing the following:


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