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Geotechnical Engineering and Testing for Mainline Railroad Spur Bridge Replacement

In 2015, Shintech announced a $1.4 billion ethylene expansion in Louisiana. Shintech will use approximately 5,700 acres along the Mississippi River southwest of Baton Rouge as the site for this facility. This new expansion is nearing completion but replacement of an old timber pile bridge was required due to the increase in train traffic as a result of the additional product output generated from the expansion. This project was particularly challenging because this section of rail contained the only rail spur that provided product to the main line. This meant the repairs had to commence and be completed in no more than 48 hours.

Premier was tasked with working with the design team to develop a fail-proof execution plan to replace the bridge. Due to the extreme time constraints, Premier provided a team of on-site geotechnical engineers during the entire 48 hour period to provide immediate, real-time solutions to any constructability questions or concerns.

The project was completed successfully and most importantly—on time.


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