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Livingston Parish Invests in Infrastructure by Improving 17 Roads Across Parish

The Livingston Parish Government initiated the 2019 Road Improvement Plan to improve roadway drivability and safety. The cumulative cost of the plan exceeded $65 million and included 17 roads. Construction activities ranges from simple drainage culvert replacement and rehabilitation to full-scale road demolition and replacement. This investment in the parish infrastructure created an improvement to almost 100,000 feet of roadway and touched all 9 districts ensuring every resident has the ability to see and enjoy a better and safer driving experience.

Premier Geotech and Testing services included: geotechnical exploration, drilling, and engineering; pavement recommendations; concrete and asphalt coring; lime treatment determinations; soil-cement stabilization determinations; full-time resident inspection; density testing; proof roll inspections; and monitoring lime treatment and soil-cement stabilization operations.

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